Multidisciplinary Analysis, Outreach, Professional Development, Data Assessment, Data Visualization


Since its inception, the UWAC has produced open source intelligence products for US Government clients. 


In addition to research, we  develop datasets related to asymmetric conflict and future scenarios.   This includes data architecture diagrams representing the relationships among common databases used in military analysis, as well as representations of the type of research methods organizations use to collect data.  This is to inform the end user where to go to find the type of data they need for statistical or   


We also develop professional development seminars on future conflict scenarios, military and intelligence analysis, and case studies on the impact of culture on historic battles and conflicts. 

See our research page for descriptions of our products.

Our products are available on Army Knowledge Online.  AKO requires a Common Access Card (CAC).  To access our repository on AKO, contact us and we will send you information. 


Our research is oriented toward supporting Multi-Domain Operations (MDO).  MDO represents the complex future operating environment, where military phases are blurred among kinetic force and humanitarian operations, when military phases are cyclical, and where the spectrum is contested among all domains--physical, information, and electromagnetic.  Future conflicts will limit deterrence through the use of irregular forces, and the urban battle space will be the norm.   

All this leads to the need for  bridging insights from multiple disciplines in order to understand the future operational environments--from technological developments to military capabilities to cultural analysis to organizational behavior to economics, and everything in between.

We rely on our own multidisciplinary expertise inside the organization to make the connections among difficult subjects, and conduct outreach to our network of subject matter experts from military, technology, and social science fields. 

In 13 years, we have produced over 120 intelligence reports related to a wide range of topics relevant to the operating environment.  Some of the most relevant subjects include:

  • Case studies on Operations Enduring and Iraqi Freedom

  • The challenge of operations in Megacities

  • Religious Radicalization

  • Suicide terrorism

  • The black market and insurgency

  • The impact of future technologies on the battlefield

  • Approaches to leadership

  • Cognitive modeling

  • Wargaming best practices

  • Deterministic modeling

Some of our datasets include:

  • Available Political, Military, Economic, Social, Infrastructure, and Information (PMESII) datasets for asymmetric and irregular operations.  This dataset catalogs over 700 databases and data feeds related to complex operations, codes each database with relevant information for the end user's needs.

  • Catalog for statistical models related to asymmetric and irregular operations

  • Casualties from military engagements since WWII

  • PMESII urban data

  • Future military technologies and science fiction sources

  • Historic sources on subterranean operations

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